What is DRUMS Inc.?
DRUMS began over 36 years ago in Windsor, Ontario. As a young musician I was very excited to discover that my initials DRU added to Music Services would provide an acronym that would last for decades. While pursuing a career in music I also had an opportunity to be involved with many charitable organizations and soon received requests to assist  with fund raising and public relations. After some thought the Management Services was developed and DRUMS Inc. was incorporated. Over the years, that included teaching many drum and theory lessons, school bands, gigs, bingo events, BOTs, special events, adjudicating and yes... now foreign currency collections, DRUMS Inc. continues to be a progressive business. In the 1990's I had the distinct privilege to work with the late James (Jim) H. White, Jim not only knew music, he knew people too. His ongoing encouragement will never be forgotten. My adventures in fund development have been very rewarding over the years. There have been many tours, concerts, difficult times and a lot of what I call the journey of life-long learning. I have been very blessed with a blended family of seven awesome children from High School to College and my loving and supportive wife, a true gift from God - Rachel.

Corporate Information