Music Festival Adjudicator

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Over 30 years of experience in music festival adjudication, education, performance, presenting clinics and workshops including sessions for Regional Honour Bands.
Over 350 clinics presented since 2015
Adjudicator of concert and jazz/stage bands, solo, chamber ensemble,
brass, woodwinds, recorder and percussion classes at music festivals
throughout Canada, including Canada's Wonderland Festival of Music,
MusicFest Canada Regional Festivals and is a member of the
America's Music in the Parks adjudication panel.
Founder and Regional Co-coordinator of OCM, affiliate of MusicFest
Canada. Conductor at various venues throughout North America.
Honours Diploma in Applied Music from Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology.   Member of Mohawk College's Applied Music Program Advisory Committee for ten years.
Mr. Ullman firmly believes every performer should be encouraged and motivated in a positive and respectful manner, while receiving constructive recommendations for the ongoing development of their musicianship.
Festival Comments

 "...your talent and energy is very much appreciated as you elevate the notes they play into music..."

"...[I] was able to watch first hand how Dennis adapted his comments to each performance. He was very positive, patient, informative, and offered constructive recommendations that left my students feeling good about their performances."

 "Your insights and dedication to all the participants was of the highest calibre."

"I was amazed how he was able to adapt from dealing with junior high students to advanced high school students... He is in touch with the age level he adjudicates..."

 " have a friendly, fun and relaxed manner with the students, that immediately puts them at ease and makes them receptive to your very helpful suggestions..."

 "... your work with these students will be a valued memory for years to come..."