OCM (Ontario Christian MusicFest) was founded in 2005 to provide an opportunity for students from faith based schools and churches as a venue to perform music in a Christian environment, while being educated and encouraged by adjudicators who share similar beliefs and practices.

OCM promotes the study and performance of excellent band and ensemble repertoire that provides a foundation for developing musicality and prepares students for a life long appreciation of music. As stated in Psalm 150, "Let everything that has breath Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!".

OCM was a regional festival of MusicFest Canada since 2006. As an affiliate of MusicFest Canada, OCM awarded invitations for outstanding qualifying ensembles to participate at the National Finals of MusicFest Canada.

Along with concert bands, vocal groups and jazz ensembles, a new category for MusicFest Canada began in 2006 through OCM - Praise and Worship Teams. Praise and Worship Teams are eligible to participate in the National Finals of MusicFest Canada. Praise and Worship Teams included members of various ages (i.e.,. youth and adults in one ensemble). Praise and Worship Teams from churches, youth groups and schools were encouraged to participate in OCM.

It was our goal to support school, church and community based music programs through this educationally focused festival, we inspired students, parents, school officials, school supporters and volunteers and music teachers to truly work to “Serve an Audience of One” through the wonderful gift of music.

Purpose, History and Mandate

Thanks for 11 great years!!

Festival Information
Evening Concerts were a highlight with guests including Chester Thompson, Eastview, Reddemption Road, DV2, Nuance, Clarington Concert Band, Oshawa Civic Band and the York University Gospel Choir (under the direction of Karen Burke).
Performing ensembles had an opportunity to hear school concert bands, choirs, ukulele or recorder groups, bucket bands, percussion ensembles, drumlines, wind ensembles, instrumental jazz and Praise and Worship Teams from across Ontario.

Every performing ensemble was observed and listened to by two highly respected and experienced adjudicators. An Educational Clinic followed each performance with one of the adjudicators.
This clinic will focus on providing encouragement and recommendations for each ensemble.

i)    CD audio recording of their performance.
ii)   CD audio recordings of performance with
        a voice-over by the adjudicators.
iii)  Written comments and recommendations from
        each adjudicator.

Each performing ensemble received their recordings, comments
and rating (i.e., Bronze, Silver, Gold) approximately 30 minutes
after their clinic was completed. Performance ratings for the ensembles
were not publicly announced by the festival. 

Special clinics and workshops were scheduled as part of the activities during the festival based on availability. In the past, clinics have included presentations by Chester Thompson, Peter Stoll,
Michael Lyons, Paul Grecco, Carol Johnson, Barrie Hodgins and the St. Michael’s College School
SMC Drumline.

Performing ensembles may be invited to participate in the National Finals of MusicFest
Canada at the discretion of Adjudicators and the OCM Regional Co-ordinator.

A warm up room was provided, complete with chairs, stands and standard equipment for each
performing group to use 30 minutes prior to their OCM performance. Storage area and a student
host/hostess will be provided during each ensemble's participation in OCM.

All performing ensembles received:

York University Gospel Choir Director, Karen Burke